10 Healthy Christmas Gift 

Ideas for 2017

Christmas Gift Idea 5: Work Out Clothes

There is nothing like receiving fresh workout clothes to motivate you to get active. This is the perfect Christmas gift idea for fashionable fitness addicts. 

Christmas Gift Idea 6: Fruit infusing water bottle 

 Help someone develop a healthy habit by buying them a fruit-infusing water bottle. This is an affordable Christmas gift idea that makes drinking water fun.  

Christmas Gift Idea 7: A Healthy Cook Book 

Show your Christmas gift recipient how easy and fun healthy eating can really by giving them a healthy cookbook. Look for something that offers recipes for meals that are not too difficult or expensive. 

Christmas Gift Idea 8: A Yoga Mat

A cool new yoga mat might be just what your gift recipient needs to reach their zen. This Christmas gift is available in a variety of colours and flavours so you can match your present to their personality and style.

Christmas Gift Idea 9: Boxing Gloves

Boxing is the fitness trend of the moment, promoted by models and fitness celebrities everywhere. Encourage someone to jump on this healthy bandwagon by giving them some kick arse boxing gloves. 

Christmas Gift Idea 10: Fit Bit 

Anyone looking to pick up their fitness game will love having the ability to track and monitor their fitness habits with the sleek gadget. 

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The best gift you can receive is the gift of good health. Here’s a list of Christmas gift ideas for 2017 to help you do just that!

Christmas Gift Idea 1: Tea Basket 

A tea basket is a great gift as it can be filled with a variety of different flavours for different occasions such as green tea to start the day and chamomile to relax in the evenings.

Christmas Gift Idea 2: Fruit Hamper

Giving someone a goody basket can be a great gift but all those chocolates and sweets don’t exactly leave you feeling a million bucks. A fruit hamper is the perfect healthy alternative. Try a seasonal mango hamper, or a classic fruit box for your friends and family.  

Christmas Gift Idea 3: Fruit Subscription 

Make it easy for someone to maintain that ‘healthy eating’ New Years resolution they made with a Fruit box subscription featuring quality fruit and vegetables delivered to their door.

Christmas Gift Idea 4: Fitness Classes 

Fitness classes are a great way to start achieving your health and fitness goals. Find out what sort of activities your gift recipient is interested in and give them the perfect excuse to start their new year’s resolution.

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