Five Healthy Christmas Recipes 

Christmas may well be a time for indulgence but that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to that summer body you worked so hard for. Here are some healthy Christmas recipes that will impress your Christmas guests and without punishing your waistband. 

1. Super Healthy Fruit Cake 

What’s Christmas without a fruitcake? Here is a healthy recipe for a particularly healthy version of this Christmas classic. It is dense and moist and includes plenty of fresh fruit which means less sugar is needed. Add some extra health benefits by serving this cake up with some fresh fruit such as apple slices and juicy mango.

2. Strawberry Santas

This is a cute Christmas dessert for kids. Strawberry Santas are easy and fun to make so with your supervision and guidance the kids will be able to make them themselves. All you will need is strawberries, bananas and cottage cheese to make the perfect healthy Christmas snack.

3. Cherry and Watermelon Salad 

Make the most of cherries being in season with this beautiful and refreshing salad. This easy and healthy salad is the perfect dessert or side dish for those scorching hots Christmas days. 

4. Mango Turkey Salad 

This salad is the perfect boxing day treat. Use leftover turkey from the Christmas feast and throw it together with some juicy mango and avocado to make a light refreshing salad that is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. 

5. Vine Ripened Tomato Stuffed with Cous Cous 

This delicious savoury entrée or side dish is a perfect option for those at your Christmas table who are vegetarian or vegan. This recipe is not only healthy and satisfying it is also incredibly easy to make. Impress both meat eaters and vegetarians alike without even having to work for it.

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