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Support Your Local Fruit Shop and enjoy Queensland’s highest quality fruit delivered to your office.

Queensland Trusted.

 Supporting Your Local Fruit Shop.

Highest Quality Produce.

Request Your Free Corporate Sample Box

Experience the benefits of our fruit box subscriptions and receive a free sample box delivered to your office. Click the button below to request a free sample box for your office.

Fruit Boxes

The perfect pear to office hunger. With a wide range of quality, seasonal fruit, our large box is suited to most regular-sized offices or departments.


The apple of our eye. Our smallest box is a treat for more intimate office environments. Receive quality, seasonal fruit at your door.


Designed to tackle hunger on the grandest scale, our mega box offers snack-time indulgences for bigger offices – or those with big appetites.


All of our fruit boxes are available to be purchased as gifts. Simply select your fruit box and enter your recipient's details into the relevant checkout fields.

Images are for illustration purposes only

Images are for illustration purposes only

Images are for illustration purposes only

Healthy Office Inspiration

Expert retailers from ‘Your Local Fruit Shop’ are hand picking for your office the freshest and highest quality fruit and vegetables.

We believe in creating happy, healthy working environments and supply offices with seasonally grown fruit, set to remove that midday hunger and make work a whole bunch sweeter. 

We supply families and offices with boxes packed with quality Australian fruit, set to remove that midday hunger and make healthy snacking a whole bunch easier. 

With the click of a button, your chosen box is on its way. Our team deliver your hand-selected fruit box straight to your office door, leaving your day free for more important matters.

The benefits of a BuyFruit subscription:

  • Queensland trusted – supporting local business
  • Wide variety and selection of seasonal fruit and vegetables
  • Nutritious snacks for healthy lifestyles
  • Convenient on time delivery
  • Boxes to suit all office sizes

Office Fruit Delivery

With one regular subscription, life’s just peachy.

Wide range of pre-set boxes to suit your needs

No minimum orders

No lock in agreements

Opt out any time

Flexible and safe payment options

One off and small orders available

Create your own regular order

One off and flexible orders available

What's In The Box?

  • Red apples
  • Green apples
  • Bananas
  • Pears

  • Navel oranges
  • Mandarins
  • Passionfruit
  • Kiwi Fruit

Looking for the cherry on top? 

We support Queensland farmers. Every snack-tastic box is packed full of seasonal fruit and vegetables selected by Your Local Fruit Shop. Our selection of fresh produce rotates with the seasons to ensure flawless quality all year around. We also offer customised plans for anyone looking to design their own berry tasty fruit box! A winter box may include:

By supporting BuyFruit, you are supporting Your Local Fruit Shop.

One box. So many benefits.

Nutritionists recommend that everyone should enjoy two pieces of fruit a day to live a healthy lifestyle. A monthly fruit box subscription keeps the office happy and healthy without adding hassle to your work day.

The Fruits of Your Labours


Say goodbye to afternoon sugar crashes. Natural sugars in fruit mean that your staff can benefit from sustained energy release throughout the day.


Keep your schedule clear with our regular delivery service. With everything included in one price, you’ll save a bunch of time and money.


Ditch the vending machine for a happier office! Our range of quality, seasonally grown fruit will have the whole team feeling their berry best.


All of our fruit boxes are available to be purchased as gifts. Simply select your fruit box and enter your recipients details into the relevant checkout fields.

How Does It Work?

Choose your fruit box


Is that hungry feeling driving you bananas? Choose from our range of different plans designed to suit all and office sizes.

Enter Your Post Code


Enter your postcode to locate your nearest fruit shop. Your order will be managed by one of our trusted partners who hand pick the highest quality, seasonal produce.



We hope you’re hungry! Your next fruit box will be on its way soon. A new box will be delivered to your door according to your preferred billing cycle.

Order and payment


Enjoy a fruitful shopping spree with the click of a button. Our simple ordering process offers secure checkout and your preferred billing frequency for your convenience.

The best things come in small packages. 

 Our small box offers a selection of fresh, seasonally grown fruit for more intimate office environments. Designed as the perfect compact option for smaller areas (or smaller appetites), this box is a great introduction to a healthy lifestyle.

40 pieces Suits 

5 – 20 staff

$36 per box

Weekly, fortnightly and monthly plans available

Small Box

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Ready to look at the bigger picture? 

 Our large box is perfect for hunger management on a greater scale. With a huge selection of seasonal fruit, this subscription is perfect for full-sized offices – or a department with full-sized cravings.

 70 pieces 

20 - 30 staff

 $55 per box

Weekly, fortnightly and monthly plans available

Large Box

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Cravings, meet your match.  

Our biggest hunger fix offers a massive selection of the season’s top fruit. Transform the workday vibe with a monthly food frenzy for the whole office!

 100 pieces

30-50 staff

$83 per box

Weekly, fortnightly and monthly plans available

Mega Box

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Delivery Details

We offer delivery for all purchases in Brisbane, Greater Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Ipswich. Approximate delivery time is between 9am to 5pm. If there are any unexpected delays we will advise you as soon as we are aware and keep you updated with the status of your order.

Q: What is a regular order? 

A: BuyFruit provides a convenient subscription service to ensure that you never run out of fresh fruit and vegetables. Simply choose from our range of pre-set subscription boxes and enjoy the highest quality produce selected by Your Local Fruit Shop delivered to your home or office.

The first order will be shipped immediately. After that, each order will be delivered according to your preferred schedule, whether it's weekly, fortnightly or monthly. 

You will always have complete control over your shipments. You will receive pre-shipment emails before the order is processed. You can change the frequency and quantity of your order at any time. You can also cancel or skip your regular order at any time.

Q: How do I get started with a regular order?

 A: Our ordering system is easy and simple to use:

 Q: When will I be charged for my Regular order? 

 A: A few days prior to delivery you will receive a confirmation email for your order. If you want to make changes or reschedule the order, call or email us. Once your order is ready to be delivered, you will be charged. 

Q: How do I manage, change or update my regular order? 

 A: To make changes to your subscription simply contact us at [email protected] Note that the order cannot be changed once it has been processed for delivery.

Buyfruit Regular Orders & Subscriptions FAQ

1. Add your preferred product to the cart

2. Input your post code from our check out page

3. Select your desired delivery frequency

4. Check out through our secure payment system

Contact Us

Our mission at BuyFruit is to provide everything you need fresh and direct from Your Local Fruit Shop in South East Queensland.

Our business hours are 8am to 4pm EST Monday to Friday, but we will endeavour to respond to your enquiries outside business hours.

Phone Enquiries: (07) 3054 5935

For online enquiries, please complete the form below and a member of our team will be in touch with you.

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