10 Healthy Office Lunch Ideas

Sitting in an office all day can wreak havoc on your body. Staying sedentary for such long periods of time can strain your posture, weaken muscles and heavily influence weight gain. Because you are sitting for so long, the energy you burn is much lower, and therefore bringing a healthy lunch is extra important. On top of this, healthy office lunches also ensure energy levels don’t drop throughout the day and help to maintain focus. To keep you healthy and working efficiently, here are 10 healthy office lunch ideas. 

Homemade hummus and carrot 

Veggies and dips never go astray. It’s simple, healthy and refreshing. If you want to add some carbs to the dish, toast pita bread in the oven and dice them into small triangles. As for the hummus, making your own dips is actually pretty simple. For hummus just combine chickpeas, tahini, seasoning and lemon in a blender or food processor. For hummus with a twist, you can add sweet chilli sauce, beetroot or dijon mustard as well. 

Protein Balls 

Protein balls are an excellent mid-morning snack, especially when paired with a piece of fruit. There are thousands of protein ball recipes to choose from, many don't require any baking at all. They are made from fresh ingredients, with natural sugars, fibre and protein to keep you satisfied. 

Nut Mix 

Making your own trail mix is an excellent snack idea. It's completely up to you how you do it. You can keep it simple with a mixture of raw and roasted nuts. You can season the nuts with maple syrup and cinnamon or cajun spice and toast them in the oven. You can add dark chocolate, pepitas, or dried goji berries. The options are endless. Store them in a jar on your desk for afternoon pick-me-ups. 

Chicken and Salad Wraps 

Chicken and salad wraps are an easy go-to for any day of the week. Lightly pan fry chicken. Feel free to add herbs and spices as you go. Fill the wrap with salad veggies like spinach, grated carrot, grated beetroot and cucumber. Pair with a dressing or dip like tzatziki or chutney and ta-da. 

Rice Paper Rolls 

Rice paper rolls make for an excellent, fresh lunch. You can make a few different fillings to keep lunch interesting. Get your favourite fresh salad veggies and pair with teriyaki chicken, tofu or any other protein source. Top with coriander, grab some soy sauce or Thai dipping sauce and you’ll be set. 


Noodle Stir Fry 

For something, a little different try a noodle stir-fry. Slice seasonal vegetables and fry them in a light sauce. Ginger, garlic, soy and a dash of sweet chilli make a great combo. Pair with your choice of protein and add in rice or egg noodles at the end. It’s nutritious, and a nice change from the usual salad or sandwich option. 

Mini Quiche 

Mini quiche can easily be made in muffin trays. Whisk milk and eggs together and add in your choice of filling. Some ideas are goats cheese and sundried tomato or zucchini, bacon and brown onion. Bake in the oven until cooked and pop them in your lunch box. 

Stuffed Sweet Potato 

Stuffed sweet potatoes are another fun lunch option. Sweet potato stuffing ideas are endless. Go Mexican with beans, cilantro, capsicum, corn and then top with guacamole. Another option is to stuff a sweet potato with tuna, relish and sprinkle with cheese.


For something a little more adventurous, black rice sushi makes a great office lunch. You can buy sushi rollers and seaweed from the supermarket. The trick to homemade sushi is making the rice properly. Boil the rice in a pot then mix with vinegar, sugar and salt. There are plenty of recipes online detailing this simple process. Fill sushi with whatever vegetables and protein you like and get ready to make your work mates jealous. 


A heartwarming lunch always makes the day a little bit better, especially if your work involves sitting in an airconditioned office all day. Soup is great because it's packed with veggies and you can bulk it up with rice or bread. To avoid food wastage you can blend all your leftover vegetables together and add some tomato paste and herbs. Or opt for something more traditional like pumpkin soup. 

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