10 Healthy Work Snacks 

To Help You Beat The Afternoon Slump

There’s nothing worse than hitting that 3pm slump. You’re burnt out, your lunch is gone, and there are still 2 hours (or more!) left in the day. Keep some healthy snacks on hand to avoid the dinner-time binge and mental drain of the workday.

1. Celery with cream cheese 

 Say cheese! Swap crackers out for guilt-free celery when enjoying your next snack break.

2. Apples and peanut butter

 An apple a day keeps the hanger away. Add some peanut butter to your sliced apples for a protein-packed energy hit.

3. Sliced tomato with feta and olive oil 

It’s easy to get feta’d up with salad, so keep your healthy snacks interesting with a sprinkle of feta and olive oil.

4. Bang Bang Broccoli 

Pack a flavour punch into your lunch box with some Bang Bang Broccoli, roasted in the oven ‘til crispy.

5. Baby carrots and hummus 

 Hummus where the heart is! Dip into your cravings with some baby carrots.

6. Strawberries with Greek yoghurt and honey 

Berry important shopping tip – stock up on the yoghurt! It’s the perfect 3pm snack, especially paired with some strawberries and honey.

7. Roasted chickpeas 

 Chick-chick-boom. It’s crunch time – grab a bowl of roasted chickpeas.

8. Zucchini sushi rolls 

 Get ready to roll with these veggie-packed snacks. From tuna to roasted chicken, it’s a great way to keep things interesting


9. Edamame Beans

Thinking of your next break? Keep a bowl of edamame (young soy beans) by your desk for a guilt-free (and seriously addictive) snack.

10. Fro Yo bites 

Use your own ice cube trays to make your own frozen yoghurt bites – drop a blueberry or raspberry in for some extra goodness!

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