5 Ways To Make Your Workspace Better For Your Health

Let’s face it: you probably spend more time at work than you’d like to. 9 to 5 can be a hard slog, especially if you’re lumped with a less-than-fab commute. With less time to exercise and hours upon hours spent at your desk, that office job can have an impact on your health – but with these five changes to your workspace, you’ll make strides towards a healthier lifestyle.

1. Try a standing desk 

You won’t come home with the aches and pains of physical labour, but sitting all day can have a serious impact on your health. From back pain to a sedimentary lifestyle, it’s rough to feel chained to your chair. Give yourself the freedom to move with a standing desk, either from an office supply company or as your DIY project. Be aware of the height you set the desk at – an improper set-up could cause more harm than good.

2. Paint your walls green 

We all know never to paint a bedroom red or a ceiling black – but did you know that green has been linked to enhanced creative thinking? Add a bit of colour to your workspace with a pop of green – whether you paint the whole wall, tack up some paintings, or just add a few coloured items to your desk.

 3. Add some plants

There’s nothing worse than spending 40 hours in a space that doesn’t feel like your own! Add a bit of personality, creativity, and wellness to your office with a potted plant. Working in a sterile office can feel mentally draining, so add something you love looking at!

4. Eat healthy snacks

Is your commute home filled with daydreams of what you’re about to eat? Lots of office workers avoid eating throughout the day in order to get things done, but keeping a few healthy snacks on hand will help you stay nourished throughout the day – and cancel out that home-time binge session.

5. Mini workouts 

It’s hard to trek to the gym after spending the day in the office, so why not work your exercise into the day? Give yourself a break from the desk with some simple stretches and strength exercises every few hours. You’ll feel mentally sharper and give your body a break from sitting down! 

 Who said you had to wait ‘til the weekend to work towards a healthier body?


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