4 Team Bonding Activities for Your Office

Upwards of 40 hours a week is a lot of time to spend with any one person (especially if we’re talking mother-in-laws), but we all do it every week with people in the office. Working with people you’re friends with can make the day feel like a barrel of laughs, but it can be tricky breaking the ice. With these four healthy bonding activities, you’ll share laughs, life stories, and milestones as you work towards a healthier office.

1. Lunchtime workout

It’s hard to feel motivated after work. Ramp the energy in the office up with a lunch break workout! See a side of your teammates you’d never otherwise catch by pairing up for a run, gym workout, or sports game.

3. No Junk Food  

It’s easy to stock your office with the ‘convenient’ options – from bags of chips to loaves of bread, but it can end up impacting your health. As a team, plan a healthy snack regime for a full month, swapping the usual for fresh fruits and veggies. Along with seeing changes in yourself, the extra unspent budget can be donated to charity as your good deed for the month.

4. Office Yoga

The office can get stressful (especially around tax time!), so try treating the team to weekly yoga classes. Starting the day with a session of yoga will get everyone chatting comfortably and moving around before a day at their desk. Prepare to see a happier, healthier team in the office.

2. Fun Run  

Ditch the rat race for a real one! Running a fun run gives the whole team a common goal, working through training sessions in preparation for an event (eg. Bridge to Brisbane). Along with earning a sense of achievement at the end, you’ll encourage each other through tough sessions and see the end results of your hard work.

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